Pay-per-click Cross Promotion

Anyone who has used the Drudge Report, Metafilter, or Fark realizes that benefits to the reader when a site links directly to other information sources. However, many media sites are still reluctant to point their readers to better sources, because it doesn't make much business sense. It's very difficult to collect ad revenue when readers aren't one your site...and good faith will only get you so far.

The question is, what if linking within other media sites was built in order to reimburse? It could work if a large group of media sites built an "affiliate" system. For instance, site a links to a full coverage section on site b. In return site b pays site a the equivalent of the ad revenue from a single page on their site. Per user it would be a very small amount, but if a site made a point of linking to the best sources within the affiliate network on a regular basis, it could turn into new revenue source.