Partnering with Ebay

Classifieds' strength: There's alot of trust when dealing with someone locally. You can inspect the goods before handing over the cash. Also, weight and size isn't an issue because you can easily pick it up at the selling location. It is extremely easy to buy an ad, most times you can speak to a human being which helps you through the process.

Ebay's strength: The sheer number of people looking for items. The ability to adjust the price depending on interest.

It would be a very appealing for a user if a dual-buy could be initiated through a newspaper's classifieds department. The product would initially try to be sold through the classifieds, but then would progress to ebay's site to be sold. It would help Ebay because this program would appeal to users currently scared by the setup. It would help a newspaper, because they could virtually guarantee that a product would get sold.