Personalities of Emerging Technologies

New technologies gather their "personalities" through three primary forces, the technology itself, the policy, and the use. Taking the internet as a prime example:

  • Policy influencing use - When AOL switched their pricing scheme to 19.99 for unlimited use monthly, people started leaving their internet connection running even when they weren't actively surfing the internet. Allowing for people to use passive technologies like instant messenging and going to the internet to answer simple questions.
  • Policy influencing technology - Schools and parents wanted children to have access to deep resources of the web, the pushed congress for restrictions....which pushed engineers to build filters for the web
  • Technology influencing use - Faster internet connections have changed the way people use the internet, allowing them to access multimedia, as well as integrating the internet into their daily lives
  • Technology influencing policy - The internet has a built in limitation, which makes it very difficult to be sure exactly who is requesting information. This technological limitation has made most attempts to regulate the use of the internet moot.
  • Use influencing technology - When the internet boomed, the original infrastructure couldn't handle it. Faster routers, faster servers, and better software was needed...and quick
  • Use influencing policy - The recording industry stepped in once users started trading music online en-mass.