Phil Graham, described journalism as a "first draft of history." in a speech to Newsweek overseas correspondents. It is a popular view of journalism, providing the initial filter of the events of the day and presenting them in context.

The primary goal for new media journalism in this paradigm is to never let a story die. The first draft of history over time should be refined, through numerous rough drafts and revisions.

  • Ask people at the end of each story for corrections, comments, or questions. Corrections should just be fixed within the story. Questions should be added on a sidebar, with answers if available...then considered for further use in the print edition. Comments should be put on the bottom of the page, allowing others to comment on their comments.
  • Larger topics should be given their own index, with an overview and index. Along with edited side comments and other links. Careful work should be taken through logos to seperate both areas.