Swarm Ad Serving

I could imagine a swarm intelligence based ad serving product. By monitoring the results of each delivery and recording the lcoal variables from it. For instance a particular page might produce more click-thrus or a certain time of the day, or for users with a particular browser, or zip code. By serving enough impressions, it could be seriously targeted by the end of its run.

It would be interesting to add in metadata regarding an ad itself and the machine-understandable goals. For instance, if it had an offline component (tv or classified ad), if it was a pharmaceutical ad, or whether it blinked, etc. With that sort of information, each new ad could work off of the successes of previously run ads.

With this sort of system, it would be possible to vary items like generational lifespan, degree of mutation, etc. Deciding a short lifespan would give quicker results, but would be less advanced, longer lifespans cost more, but could give consistent results.