Classifieds - Textual Advertising

Google is in the middle of proving the point that large, intrusive advertising isn't necessary when the message is targeted towards those most interested in the product being sold. This is the same point that newspapers proved long ago with their classified advertising.

The problem with running Google's AdWords on a media site is that when people run a query on a search engine, they necessarily have an open mind as to where their next click will be. However, the majority of pages on a newspaper site are a one-to-one relationship, with readers clicking on a particular link to read a particular story.

This doesn't mean that targeted text ads wouldn't work on on a newspaper's site, they just need to be less haphazard. For instance, a "neighborhoods" section would be a perfect place for real estate, rentals, and garage sale classified/textual ads. While the business section would be a great place for job listings.