Swarm Ad Serving

By monitoring the results of each delivery and recording the local variables for each click-thru, an ad system could be taught to optimize itself automatically.

College Newspaper Sites

Ideas and suggestions for building a successful/sustainable college website.

Partnering with Ebay

By using a newspaper's strength in the local market, and ebay's national reach, a partnership between the two could provide a great value to sellers.

Speculative vs. Concrete Value

Media websites would be wise to strike a balance between the concrete and speculative value of their advertising inventory.

Locating "Connectors" Through Subscription Surveys

"Connectors" should be actively sought by advertisers and to a news site's promotional department. Finding them online, should be a priority.

Classifieds Monitoring With RSS

RSS has emerged as the defacto method to passively monitor content online, it makes sense to offer this functionality within the classifieds sections.

The Cost of Advertising to the Consumer

One of the problems with online advertising is that you're making the reader pay every time you put an ad on their screen.

Classifieds - Textual Advertising

The trend in ads is moving both bigger and smaller. By simply using Google's AdWords services, newpapers are missing out on a big upsell opportunity.

Ad Weight

Ads need to be assigned a "weight" based on the amount of interactivity, file size, and height/width.

Web/Print buy

In a perfect world, a newspaper website would have a page within the physical paper daily (and vise versa).