Group Intelligence

iTunes and WebFeed Aggregators

Mixing the sorting and sharing powers of iTunes with the syndication and passive collection strengths of WebFeed aggregators.

Are weblogs racing newspaper to write the first draft of history?

Weblogs are faster, more nimble, and more local than any newspaper can hope to be. Have newspapers conceded the role of pre-history writers to them?

Yahoo! full-coverage and

What if you combine the easy integration of multiple sources supplied by and the deep news coverage of Yahoo full-coverage?

The DeCoupling of Journalism

There is something terrifying but natural about the roles of a traditional journalist being seperated.

Attracting Topic-Based Elite

Each media site, needs to not only attact the best writers and reporters for employers, but as readers and contributors.

Swarm Ad Serving

By monitoring the results of each delivery and recording the local variables for each click-thru, an ad system could be taught to optimize itself automatically.

Bottom-up Intelligence Online

A bottom-up strategy often leads down a trail of broken eggs that lead to the golden goose.