Compilations and Compositions

Given that newspapers are daily news compilations and news stories are topic compositions. What if you switch the two?

Memory Auto-amputation

It is no longer as important to know a piece of information as to know how to expediently acquire that information.

Backing Into the Semantic Web

We've been working our way back into the semantic web. From a presentational, to the logical, and then into the semantic layer.

Skills Needed for Online Media Librarians

Newspaper archivists and librarians are best positioned to bring about the next stage in news site publishing, however several skills are more important than others.

Full-text Footnotes

It is becoming increasingly important for media sites to bring together information that is associated, but not necessarily a part of the original story.

Semantic Conversion of Print Stories

The conversion of a printed story to be used online, needs to be thought of in a semantic context, not just a presentational context.

Building the Memex

How can readers form trails through a media website for others to follow?