New Media Strengths: Hypertextuality

Shared Connections

A newspaper makes regularly makes connections between different articles, it is time to allow readers the same functionality.

Strengths of the Internet

Each new medium has its own strengths and weaknesses (sometimes one and the same thing)

Dead Link Porn

There's a business opportunity for a group to help keep dead newspaper links clean.

Full-text Footnotes

It is becoming increasingly important for media sites to bring together information that is associated, but not necessarily a part of the original story.

Opinion Leaders

Everyone has something to say, however media sites should use karma-based methods to bring out the best their citizen writers.

Reponse to "Amazoning the News"

Hypergene's article "Amazoning the News" presents an interesting way to present the news. However, the recommendation algorithm would need to be figured out first.

Semantic Conversion of Print Stories

The conversion of a printed story to be used online, needs to be thought of in a semantic context, not just a presentational context.

Building the Memex

How can readers form trails through a media website for others to follow?

Pay-per-click Cross Promotion

Encouraging readers to leave your site for another site doesn't necessarily make economic sense. What if payment and reciprical links were offered as an incentive?