New Media Strengths: Hypertextuality

Experimenting With Online Story Structures

My goal is to allow readers to experience an interactive non-linear content object in a decidedly linear and concrete way.

Associated Press and Google Base

It would be beneficial for newspapers to use their alliance to collect and share structured information.

Fan Fiction

The process of writing or rewriting existing characters holds promise for news sites looking to engage their audience in the events of the day.

Compilations and Compositions

Given that newspapers are daily news compilations and news stories are topic compositions. What if you switch the two?

We Need Better Article Tools

The current tools that are given to readers of an online newspaper are simply extensions or small improvements to the browser's own tools.

Yahoo! full-coverage and

What if you combine the easy integration of multiple sources supplied by and the deep news coverage of Yahoo full-coverage?

Story Structures: Spiral & Shortcuts

The medium is the message, or at least the message length. This structure attempts to unify those different lengths into one cohesive message.

Hiring for the Semantic Web

The conversion to a semantic web requires new hiring practices online, past the traditional "looking for reporter with basic technology skills".


Attribution it important, however in a medium built around iteractivity and two-way communication, the old standards need to be updated.

Memory Auto-amputation

It is no longer as important to know a piece of information as to know how to expediently acquire that information.