New Media Strengths: Interactivity

The Transition Between Orality and Text-based Traditions

Are we in a transition between a text-based communication tradition, into a model that more closely resembles a oral tradition?

Strengths of the Internet

Each new medium has its own strengths and weaknesses (sometimes one and the same thing)

Storytelling and chatbots

Chatbots are an interesting type of communication.

Liability within message boards

The best offline metaphor for message boards would be graffiti and graffiti walls.

Constructing a Better Chat Metaphor

The established metaphor for chat applications is a conversation, which is completely blown apart when entering any chat room.

Opinion Leaders

Everyone has something to say, however media sites should use karma-based methods to bring out the best their citizen writers.

On-Page Chat

Online chatting should be treated similarly to offline chats, spontaneous and omnipresent.

Community Maps

I like the idea of a community map based on themes.

Drawing The Line

Most hot button topics are far from black and white (abortion, death penalty, war, etc), this "game" would encourage readers to draw their own line in the sand.

9am Crossword Challenge

Crosswords are a personal challenge, but it is also often an inter-personal challenge.