New Media Strengths: Interactivity

Fan Fiction

The process of writing or rewriting existing characters holds promise for news sites looking to engage their audience in the events of the day.

Associated Press and Google Base

It would be beneficial for newspapers to use their alliance to collect and share structured information.

We Need Better Article Tools

The current tools that are given to readers of an online newspaper are simply extensions or small improvements to the browser's own tools.

Story Structures: Spiral & Shortcuts

The medium is the message, or at least the message length. This structure attempts to unify those different lengths into one cohesive message.


Attribution it important, however in a medium built around iteractivity and two-way communication, the old standards need to be updated.

Story Structures: Fishbone

One of the simplest story structures, allowing readers to explore single words or phrases deeper, without leaving the original narrative.

The DeCoupling of Journalism

There is something terrifying but natural about the roles of a traditional journalist being seperated.

Bottom-up Intelligence Online

A bottom-up strategy often leads down a trail of broken eggs that lead to the golden goose.

Trust Levels in a Participatory System

In any participatory system, where users are expected to come back over time, there needs to be a slope of trust.

User-Created Content Fragments

Full stories and write-ups often pose too high of a barrier to entry. News websites should also facilitate user contributed content fragments that add to the whole.