New Media Strengths: Stateless

Associated Press and Google Base

It would be beneficial for newspapers to use their alliance to collect and share structured information.

Memory Auto-amputation

It is no longer as important to know a piece of information as to know how to expediently acquire that information.

The Transition Between Orality and Text-based Traditions

Are we in a transition between a text-based communication tradition, into a model that more closely resembles a oral tradition?

College Newspaper Sites

Ideas and suggestions for building a successful/sustainable college website.

Strengths of the Internet

Each new medium has its own strengths and weaknesses (sometimes one and the same thing)

Push Tools: News Aggregators vs. Email Newsletters

The knock-down drag out fight between the current heavy-weight champion email, and the scrappy contender RSS.

Dead Link Porn

There's a business opportunity for a group to help keep dead newspaper links clean.

"We React too Much..."

"We react too much and we anticipate too little. We struggle to be the first with the obvious."

Writing in Real Time

Journalism schools would be wise to teach students the structures of writing in a real-time medium.

Timeliness and the Out of Market Reader

Out of market audiences have different expectations then local audiences, deliver them the local "big picture" and leave out the national news.