Paradigms: Community Dialogue

Shared Connections

A newspaper makes regularly makes connections between different articles, it is time to allow readers the same functionality.

Storytelling and chatbots

Chatbots are an interesting type of communication.

Liability within message boards

The best offline metaphor for message boards would be graffiti and graffiti walls.

Constructing a Better Chat Metaphor

The established metaphor for chat applications is a conversation, which is completely blown apart when entering any chat room.

Opinion Leaders

Everyone has something to say, however media sites should use karma-based methods to bring out the best their citizen writers.

On-Page Chat

Online chatting should be treated similarly to offline chats, spontaneous and omnipresent.

Interactive Indexes

Newspapers should consider allowing users to build weblogs surrounding popular topics.

Weblogs and "Media Reality"

Weblogs offer individuals the quickest method of becoming part of media's reality.

Community Conversation

Communities exist through the communication ties between individuals.

Community Maps

I like the idea of a community map based on themes.