Paradigms: Community Dialogue

Fan Fiction

The process of writing or rewriting existing characters holds promise for news sites looking to engage their audience in the events of the day.

Linking Within a Story

Every link is an editorial decision.

The DeCoupling of Journalism

There is something terrifying but natural about the roles of a traditional journalist being seperated.

Attracting Topic-Based Elite

Each media site, needs to not only attact the best writers and reporters for employers, but as readers and contributors.

The Celebrity Factor

Right now there are leaders and celebrities being established online on the national, regional, local, and topic levels. News sites would be wise to establish their own personalities in this space.

Trust Levels in a Participatory System

In any participatory system, where users are expected to come back over time, there needs to be a slope of trust.

User-Created Content Fragments

Full stories and write-ups often pose too high of a barrier to entry. News websites should also facilitate user contributed content fragments that add to the whole.

The Information Hourglass

The traditional information hourglass is getting a wider neck through the increase in sources of information online.

College Newspaper Sites

Ideas and suggestions for building a successful/sustainable college website.

Reciprocity vs. Reach

As communications technologies and techniques grow, they have a balance they strike between reach and reciprocity.