iTunes and WebFeed Aggregators

Mixing the sorting and sharing powers of iTunes with the syndication and passive collection strengths of WebFeed aggregators.

Bruce Almighty as Personalization Parable

People rarely ask for, wish for, pray for what they really want or really need. Don't make miracles, be the miracle.

Backing Into the Semantic Web

We've been working our way back into the semantic web. From a presentational, to the logical, and then into the semantic layer.

Casual vs. Protected Personal Data

By seperating the casual and protected data into two different systems, the ease of use can remain high, without an increased risk of identity theft.

Push Tools: News Aggregators vs. Email Newsletters

The knock-down drag out fight between the current heavy-weight champion email, and the scrappy contender RSS.

Timeliness and the Out of Market Reader

Out of market audiences have different expectations then local audiences, deliver them the local "big picture" and leave out the national news.

When I Am Not Me

Implicit personalization is a powerful tool, unfortunately, it rarely understands when I'm not acting like myself.