Syndication and Aggregation

We Need Better Article Tools

The current tools that are given to readers of an online newspaper are simply extensions or small improvements to the browser's own tools.

iTunes and WebFeed Aggregators

Mixing the sorting and sharing powers of iTunes with the syndication and passive collection strengths of WebFeed aggregators.

Find your own doorways to content

You should place links to your newest and best content in the places a user is most likely to look in their daily workflow.

Push Tools: News Aggregators vs. Email Newsletters

The knock-down drag out fight between the current heavy-weight champion email, and the scrappy contender RSS.

Interactive Indexes

Newspapers should consider allowing users to build weblogs surrounding popular topics.

Classifieds Monitoring With RSS

RSS has emerged as the defacto method to passively monitor content online, it makes sense to offer this functionality within the classifieds sections.