Associated Press and Google Base

It would be beneficial for newspapers to use their alliance to collect and share structured information.

Compilations and Compositions

Given that newspapers are daily news compilations and news stories are topic compositions. What if you switch the two?

We Need Better Article Tools

The current tools that are given to readers of an online newspaper are simply extensions or small improvements to the browser's own tools.

iTunes and WebFeed Aggregators

Mixing the sorting and sharing powers of iTunes with the syndication and passive collection strengths of WebFeed aggregators.


Attribution it important, however in a medium built around iteractivity and two-way communication, the old standards need to be updated.

Nesting links to create a story package

Teasing a story package from the front page of a site using traditional html links is the equivalent of rubber-banding together a stack of pages. A better solution is needed to display their relationship.

The DeCoupling of Journalism

There is something terrifying but natural about the roles of a traditional journalist being seperated.


As a core standard that has been around since the beginning of the internet, it is about time that we began doing them correctly.

Aqua Navigation and Digital Photojournalism

With digital photography, it shouldn't be a big deal to put all images taken during an event online.

Swarm Ad Serving

By monitoring the results of each delivery and recording the local variables for each click-thru, an ad system could be taught to optimize itself automatically.