Writing Structures

Experimenting With Online Story Structures

My goal is to allow readers to experience an interactive non-linear content object in a decidedly linear and concrete way.

Compilations and Compositions

Given that newspapers are daily news compilations and news stories are topic compositions. What if you switch the two?

Fan Fiction

The process of writing or rewriting existing characters holds promise for news sites looking to engage their audience in the events of the day.

Story Structures: Spiral & Shortcuts

The medium is the message, or at least the message length. This structure attempts to unify those different lengths into one cohesive message.

Story Structures: Fishbone

One of the simplest story structures, allowing readers to explore single words or phrases deeper, without leaving the original narrative.

Nesting links to create a story package

Teasing a story package from the front page of a site using traditional html links is the equivalent of rubber-banding together a stack of pages. A better solution is needed to display their relationship.

Backing Into the Semantic Web

We've been working our way back into the semantic web. From a presentational, to the logical, and then into the semantic layer.

The Transition Between Orality and Text-based Traditions

Are we in a transition between a text-based communication tradition, into a model that more closely resembles a oral tradition?

Storytelling and chatbots

Chatbots are an interesting type of communication.

Full-text Footnotes

It is becoming increasingly important for media sites to bring together information that is associated, but not necessarily a part of the original story.